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GTA 5 on-line money cheat, are you currently gluing to the pc screen playing the Grand theft auto game?This can be such as senseless question as everyone know Grand theft auto game can be a highly addictive game.Players from across the world have spent the entire day to perform the game and beat the top score of their friends.

There seemed to be at some point when 13 players compete in playing this game.If you need to become the top player, you need many in-game currency within your account.


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Grand Theft Auto IV is Great, But is it the Best Game in the Series?

A few weeks ago I bought GTA IV hoping for an amazing game, after reading all the reviews that gave it perfect scores. Well… I did get an amazing game! The problem is, I really don’t think that it is the most amazingnest (you heard me) game in the series. I really believe that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is the best game in the GTA series. Read more at



Lear Jet or Dodo Plane

If you go down to the Los Santos international airport there will be a gate. Right next to it will be a hut like building with a man inside. He will say only people with flying liscences can get in. If you park a car of any size parallel to the gate you can jump over the gate and once you are over you can fly a dodo plane or a lear jet. Read more at


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